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Fireworm 2014-04-22 16:11

合作与改变的故事-Stories of Change and Collaboration

Stories ofChange and Collaboration

Beijing has collaborative leaders whohave demonstrated what is possible when passionate people work together toachieve common goals.  Innovation andcollaboration can be enhanced by sharing these stories more widely and talkingabout the learnings from these incredible experiences!

Storytelling is a ancient and powerfultool that has been a key to learning throughout human history.  Now you are invited to be a part of thosestories and to build connections and mutual inspiration with other people whoare committed to the creation of a better China!

Join us at Stories of Change andCollaboration, a collective story harvesting event, the first of itskind in China.  The process will behosted by a team of experienced practitioners in the Art of HostingConversations that Matterand will feature a diverse team of amazing Storytellers.

Date:26th of April (Saturday)
Time:4:00 to 7:00 pm
Place:World Culture Open, Beijing Office. S9-105, 1 Xiangheyuan St., DongchengDistrict, Beijing
RSVP to: sustainnovationlab@gmail.com (spaces are limited)

Zhang Yifeiis the environmental sustainabilitysenior manager at Coca-Cola. He has worked in international NGOs formany years, and did a lot of contribution to local NGOs in China. After hegraduated from the university in 1997, he entered into Xinhua News Agency.Prior to entering into Earth Watch Institute in 2009, he worked in WWF(World Wildlife Fund). In 2011, he got the Ford scholarship to gain hisMaster of Public Affairs in the university of Texas at Austin.
Wang Liyong, the Director of IED Economy Program, was the seniortrainer and HR manager of DELL and Amazon, and worked in some companies thatare in the Fortune Global 500. In addition, he has a deep understanding oftraditional Chinese culture including Confucianism and Taoism. He created asystem involving Oriental philosophy and Western management tools which harmonizesrelations between individual and company and has developed a managing system toimprove working efficiency with a good performance.

Kseniya Tsoywas born in the Soviet Union andraised in Uzbekistan. She joined the nonprofit world at the Seoul office of WorldCulture Open, an
international cultural organization,with which she came to Beijing in 2012. As a project coordinator she iscurrently working on bringing cultural events to engage Beijing's creativecommunity. All of these projects are brought up through collaboration and wouldnot be possible without the joint effort of participants' different walks oflife.
KurtZhong isthe Director of Strategy and Operations of SAGE Worldwide, through whichKurt contributed to organizing the 2013 Fortune Beijing Sub-Forum withChinese Premier Li Keqiang.  Kurt alsoserves as the Founding Member of Beijing Commons, a volunteer-drivenorganization run by a group of international and energetic young professionals.They have organized a lot of events such as TEDxBeijing, AngelHack andBarCamp in service to collaboration among differentcommunities and cross-boundary communication and partnership.

Zhao Zhongis the China Coordinator of Pacific Environment Foundation and lovestraveling and mountaineering. He was the founder of the Green Camel Bell,the first NGO in Gansu Province. Before that he worked in the ChineseAcademy of Science and has started his work with environmental protectionand awareness, as well as cooperation in rural areas. He has a belief towardshis work of “startingfrom the basic things with a grandeur mind”. Times, the American magazine awarded him as anenvironmental hero in 2009.



Steve Ryman has lived for most of his life in the United States, butfor the last few years have been traveling the world hosting and engaging inconversations that enable individuals and groups to collectively create a newfuture.  He is trained in participatoryleadership, ontological coaching, aikido and other change processes.
Xiaojing Fei has worked for the Institute for Environment and Development (IED) as the manager of climate issues. She attended the Copenhagen and Cancun Conferences on behalf of Chinese NGOs and also took part in several actions on climate change. She has several years’ experience in facilitation and training with her devotion to the youth development and NGO talent training.
Narayan Silva Xiaojing Fei has worked for the Institute for Environment and Development (IED) as the manager of climate issues. She attended the Copenhagen and Cancun Conferences on behalf of Chinese NGOs and also took part in several actions on climate change. She has several years’ experience in facilitation and training with her devotion to the youth development and NGO talent training.

This event is free but the spaces arelimited. To RSVP, please send an email with your info (name, age, organization,contacts) to sustainnovationlab@gmail.com or to the number 18811457038. You are welcome to write usif you have any questions!

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Sustainnovation Lab team


Fireworm 2014-04-22 16:33



欢迎参与我们的创变故事汇——关于变革与合作的故事分享活动,这也是在中国首次进行的全新分享方式。本期活动邀请的故事分享者们分别来自各个行业的精英,在资深团队的带领下通过运用Art of Hosting Conversationsthat Matter 的相关技巧,让所有参与者收获不一样的精彩。


张翼飞 目前任可口可乐可持续发展部环境事务高级经理。1997年大学毕业后分配到新华社工作,2001年加入WWF,2009年加入地球观察,在国际NGO工作多年,并扶持国内草根NGO发展。2011年获福特奖学金支持赴美国德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校读公共事务硕士。

王立勇 道和环境与发展研究所经济项目总监。前亚马逊和戴尔公司人事高管,金牌培训师,具有21年世界500强、高校和民营企业工作经验。曾师从国学巨擘,深入研习儒释道为代表的中国传统文化,修习禅定功夫。发展了以东方哲学思想为基础,糅合西方先进的管理技术和工具,帮助企业和个人构建和谐的关系,建设完善的管理体系,提升工作效率和企业业绩。

Kseniya Tsoy生于苏联,在乌兹比克斯坦长大。她加入国际文化组织——世界文化组织首尔办公室,并于2012年来到中国。她作为项目协调,她现在正致力于将文化活动引入北京创意社区。所有的项目都提出协同合作的概理念,并指出没有不同阶层的人的合作,这些项目将无法达成。

KurtZhong 是赛捷全球战略和运营总监,Kurt促成并组织2013年中国财富分论坛,面见中国总理李克强。Kurt还参与创办志愿者组织Beijing Commons, 这个组织是由一群国际青年专业小组运作的志愿者组织。他们组织各种各样的活动,例如TED北京,AngelHackBarCamp, 来促进不同社区之间的合作和交流,促进跨界交流。



Steve Ryman 在美国生活了数十年,但是在这最近的几年里,他开始周游世界,开始引导个人或团队之间的对话,为他们在创造美好未来之路上提供精神食粮。他自己曾接受过参与式领导力、合气道以及其他具有变革性培训。

费晓静 瑞典布京理工可持续发展领导力硕士。曾在道和环境与发展研究所(IED)担任IED气候关注项目主任。作为中国NGO代表参与哥本哈根、坎昆气候变化大会,并多次参与推动中国NGO在气候变化方面的联合行动。长期关注青年成长和NGO人才培养,有多年的协作和培训经验。




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承诺竹子:这。。。。开始一看还是以为帮我们学习学习英语呢!!! (2014-04-22 18:13) 


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holywood:同时这么多人讲?怎么来得及 (2014-04-23 18:31) 


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小包子:人多 (2014-04-26 18:11) 


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